The Triple Goddess

It should be noted that in most Wiccan traditions, the Earth is also viewed as a representation of the Goddess. Given the co-creative relationship between the Earth and the Moon, there is no inherent contradiction in this overlap—both are essential to sustaining life.

However, where the Earth is typically seen as a “Mother Goddess,” the Goddess of the Moon actually has three different identities, or aspects: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.

This expanded form is the Triple Moon Goddess: the multifaceted deity whose diversity of roles both mirrors the cycles of the Moon—waxing, Full, and waning, and personifies the three phases of the lives of women—before, during, and after the childbearing years. And although women experience these events in a linear sequence, their lives are also part of a cycle, because Wiccans believe in reincarnation. After the death of the Crone comes rebirth, and the new journey leading back to the realm of the Maiden.

While the concepts surrounding the Triple Moon Goddess (also known simply as the Triple Goddess) largely originate with the work of spiritualists in the mid-1900s, there is precedent for a three-fold feminine deity in ancient written and pictorial artifacts.

Among Wiccans, two well-known goddesses with triple associations are the Celtic Brighid, goddess of healing, poetry, and smithcraft; and the Greek Hera, who appears in some myths in three different roles: Girl, Woman, and Widow. Neither was particularly associated with the Moon in ancient times, but there are some links between three separate Moon goddesses who form a kind of trinity, such as Artemis, Selene and Hecate.

Many Wiccans worship the Triple Moon Goddess in a similar fashion, whether they are all from the same ancient pantheon or “borrowed” from different cultural groups. For example, she may be Rhiannon in the Maiden aspect, the Greek Demeter as the Mother, and Hecate as the Crone.

These designations are based on the characteristics of the goddesses and their roles as they appear in their native mythologies, and are not generally interchangeable.

Furthermore, each goddess has her own magical domains, also rooted in original mythology, and so can be called upon for assistance with related magical goals. These correspondences are linked to both her identity and her archetypal role.

If you’re interested in learning more about working magic with any aspect of the Triple Goddess, it’s worth reading the rich mythology surrounding these ancient deities and exploring connections with any you feel intuitively drawn to. Like the individual goddesses who represent them, each aspect of the Triple Goddess has her own archetypal identity.

Each symbolizes various elements in Nature, including animal and plant life, seasons and times of day, and different characteristics of the human experience.

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More about the Metal: Gold

In fashion, everyone knows gold and silver are the best materials for jewelry. In Witchcraft, these metals balance each other as male and female energy (respectively), each amplifying their own qualities that help in your spellwork. We mentioned this briefly in our Jewelry Spells post, and you will find many color magick spells with gold and silver (genuine or imitation) in a quick online search. Put these together to discover the power that real (14 kt. or better) gold can have on your magick.

Gold reflects the Masculine and Solar energies prominent in upcoming Yuletide celebrations. It evokes prosperity as the most-prized metal since ancient times, but the greatest symbol in gold is that of transcendence. As gold is melted, it becomes purer. The higher its purity, the more flexible it is.

For these reason, gold has remained a potent symbol in almost every society and spiritual path on earth. Harmonized with silver and cast into magick symbols, gold has the power to invoke Gods to help you cast spells. It can also be worn to honor solar deities like Celtic God Belenos, Ancient Egyptian Gods Horus and Ra, and Ancient Greek & Roman God Apollo.

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Blessed be )O(

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Laurie Cabot. Silver & Gold. Celtic Inspiration.
Pentacles. Cimaruta. Witches.


Familiars & Animal Totems

Sterling silver pendant of a Celtic Witch & her cat familiar riding a broomstick (TPD4248)

We’re all animals. Maybe that’s why we all feel such a strong connection to our pets and hold the magnificent beasts of nature with so much regard. Gods and Goddesses often assume animal form, speaking as spiritual guides. One need only understand the symbolism to grasp their messages and guidance.

Cat is resting on some fabric in front of a sewing machine
My cat familiar likes to help.

But Familiars and Animal totems are more personal. Familiars are our animal companions and accomplices in magickal endeavors. They can be cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, or other animals with whom you feel a spiritual connection, and who enhance your spellwork by their energy and physical presence within your Magick Circle.

Animal totems are those whom we call upon to guide us. Unlike spiritual animal guides, we seek the advice from animal totems to help us. Although your patron God(dess) might be Ostara, you might call to the Goddess Macha for justice with Raven symbolism. And unlike Familiars, animal totems don’t need to be present, just represented.

BUT, that doesn’t mean your Spiritual Animal Guide, your Animal Totem, and your Familiar can’t be the same!

Who’s your familiar? How do they help you cast magick spells?

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Enchanting Jewelry Spells

Handcrafted sterling silver Thor's Hammer pendant featuring spiral and Trinity Knot symbolism
Sterling silver Thor’s Hammer Pendant (TPD864)

If you’ve been following Magick Symbols on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+, you’ve probably seen some posts about spell jewelry and Jewelry Spells. Most Witches have enchanted crystals and jewelry with intent spells, and some Witches hand-make talismans. But did you know a piece of jewelry can be used in spell-casting? From form to function, jewelry can be powerful enhancers of magical intent.

The most apparent explanation is the symbolism in a piece of jewelry. Does it speak to your intent? Celtic Knotwork is often traced to different bind spells (depending on which type of knot is used), while runes and sigils invoke deities to assist you in your spellwork.

More than symbolism, what your jewelry is made of can make a difference for jewelry spells. We all know crystals and gemstones augment magick. Homemade amulets carry a certain mystique, especially if you wear them openly. However, even when charging a piece of jewelry, some metals amplify your intent better than others. Silver is considered feminine and is (paradoxically) the most conductive and reflective metal on earth. Prized for its beauty and many uses, silver ranks second only to gold, which represents compassion, wealth, and masculinity, on top of its historical, aesthetic, and industrial significance. For these reasons, silver and gold channel your magic with the most clarity.

Sterling Silver Laurie Cabot Green Man Pendulum Pendant
Laurie Cabot Green Man Pendulum Pendant (TPD4731)

Aside from symbols and materials, many jewelry spells have actual functions. We’ve mentioned Poison Rings and Bottle Pendants a few times, but these treasures can actually be used to hold essential oils and herbs for aromatherapy and pomander spells, tiny stones, or any other charged magical item you can fit inside, to take with you. Pendulum Pendants can be worn around your neck until you need to channel answers from spirits and your subconscious. Laurie Cabot designed two such pendants (with Green Man pictured right, and Goddess imagery) that allow you to store conical pendulum stones or spells.

A lot goes into the creation of jewelry spells, whether you make them yourself or follow ancient traditions and wisdom kept alive by Witches like Laurie Cabot. You can find her collection (in-stock!) HERE.

Do you own or make any spell jewelry? How do you use jewelry in your magick? Comment below!

The Secret is Out…

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Book of Shadows: Your Magical Journal

Inspiring Journals and Sterling Silver Bookmarks

Halloween is drawing ever-closer as the weather cools down, and the leaves begin to change. Witches celebrate nature’s eternal transition with magic and spellwork, but duplicating spells and rituals can be difficult without a Book of Shadows (BoS, as many abbreviate it) or grimoire to record everything.

Old book in front of a candle with a skull holding the pages open.
Your BoS doesn’t have to look like this.

This book is considered sacred, though its contents vary across different paths. To some, it is a guide to live by. Others create their own in special journals. It can contain spells, drawings, divination, or even pressed flowers and leaves to be used in spellwork.

Some witches write in coded languages like Theban or other languages to keep their Books of Shadows safe from prying eyes, while others publish theirs in hopes that others will find it useful.

If you haven’t begun your Book of Shadows, MagickSymbols offers a selection of blank books embossed with elegant designs, as well as detailed, handcrafted, sterling silver bookmarks to hold your page. Find yours today and start recording your magical findings!

All About Potions

Sterling silver bottle pendant adorned with gold vermeil Celtic knotwork and elegant fairy
Fairy Celtic Knot Bottle Pendant MPD4063

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at Potion-making? What kinds of brews can you concoct, and how can you use these magical spells to your benefit?

From aromatic or symbolic to edible, medicinal to poisonous, potions have been created by mystics and healers for centuries. Today, you probably shouldn’t poison an enemy (it’s better to not have enemies), but you can make potions to help you and others.

Aromatherapy is everywhere, but did you know you can make your own extracts and essential oils? There are many guides online dedicated to the specific fragrances to use, which can be for their healing effect or magical/symbolic properties. There are many books and online resources for creating the perfect scent, as well.

If you’re still not sure where to begin, look for makers of natural perfumes and custom essential oils. These extracts can be used in aromatherapy jewelry or added to candles or homemade beauty products (make sure they’re non-toxic!).

bottled herbal extracts with leaves and a pestle in a mortar

Even more enchanting are edible potions or extracts, which have medicinal effects, depending on the herbs. These are NOT essential oils, which are usually toxic. Often called tinctures, these are concentrated herbal extracts that are made with (food-grade) alcohol or vegetable glycerin. These herbal potions have documented health benefits (but make sure you consult your doctor first!), and different plants can be combined according to your ailment.

Whether you prefer drinkable tinctures or ambrosial pomanders, you can store your potions in bottle pendants or our line of aromatherapy jewelry–handcrafted in sterling silver, exclusively by MagickSymbols.

What makes a Talisman?

Sterling Silver Cimaruta Charm
Sterling Silver Cimaruta Charm (TPD3133) by MagickSymbols Jewelry

The most widespread type of ritual jewelry are talismans, used in all religions in one way or another. In different branches of  Christianity, crucifixes, Saint imagery, and ichthus fish embody God’s love and guidance. In Stregheria witchcraft, Cimaruta amulets help protect the wearer from the Evil Eye and other forces of negativity.

Talismans can also rely on symbolism of the materials used to make it. Silver is said to amplify intent and is also prized for its visible luminosity. Gemstones of all varieties hold their own symbolism, like soothing turquoise or empowering & prosperous ruby.

Depending on your path, spellwork, prayer, and/or meditation are used to charge talismans with divine energy and the desires of the ones who wears them.

Belief in this divinity, coupled with the symbolic and personal meaning of the jewelry, as well as the ritual of wearing and caring for the jewelry as a physical, palpable intent is what makes a talisman.

From protection and clarity to luck and love, talismans transcend religion and time…What kinds of talismans do you wear?