Pentacle or Pentagram?

Sterling silver Tree of Life pendant featuring PentagramWitches of all walks and skill¬†ask this question…and the answer often varies between resources. To simplify the this, think about the distinction as the difference between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional:

  • Pentagrams are the shape of 5 lines forming the familiar star-shape, with or without the circle.
  • Pentacles are talismans or parchment with potent magical symbols (such as a pentagram) or evocations inscribed on them.

To make things confusing again, your pentacle jewelry that features (or simply is) a pentagram design can be referred to by either name!

Do you have a favorite pentacle?

MagickSymbols offers a wide array of enchanting, fine sterling silver and gold pentacles to suit your spiritual connections and  taste in jewelry. From animal totems and Trees of Life to moons and Celtic inspirations, from bold to innocuous, wear your favorite pentacle designs in purifying sterling silver or gold vermeil.

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