More about the Metal: Gold

In fashion, everyone knows gold and silver are the best materials for jewelry. In Witchcraft, these metals balance each other as male and female energy (respectively), each amplifying their own qualities that help in your spellwork. We mentioned this briefly in our Jewelry Spells post, and you will find many color magick spells with gold and silver (genuine or imitation) in a quick online search. Put these together to discover the power that real (14 kt. or better) gold can have on your magick.

Gold reflects the Masculine and Solar energies prominent in upcoming Yuletide celebrations. It evokes prosperity as the most-prized metal since ancient times, but the greatest symbol in gold is that of transcendence. As gold is melted, it becomes purer. The higher its purity, the more flexible it is.

For these reason, gold has remained a potent symbol in almost every society and spiritual path on earth. Harmonized with silver and cast into magick symbols, gold has the power to invoke Gods to help you cast spells. It can also be worn to honor solar deities like Celtic God Belenos, Ancient Egyptian Gods Horus and Ra, and Ancient Greek & Roman God Apollo.

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Blessed be )O(

Familiars & Animal Totems

Sterling silver pendant of a Celtic Witch & her cat familiar riding a broomstick (TPD4248)

We’re all animals. Maybe that’s why we all feel such a strong connection to our pets and hold the magnificent beasts of nature with so much regard. Gods and Goddesses often assume animal form, speaking as spiritual guides. One need only understand the symbolism to grasp their messages and guidance.

Cat is resting on some fabric in front of a sewing machine
My cat familiar likes to help.

But Familiars and Animal totems are more personal. Familiars are our animal companions and accomplices in magickal endeavors. They can be cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, or other animals with whom you feel a spiritual connection, and who enhance your spellwork by their energy and physical presence within your Magick Circle.

Animal totems are those whom we call upon to guide us. Unlike spiritual animal guides, we seek the advice from animal totems to help us. Although your patron God(dess) might be Ostara, you might call to the Goddess Macha for justice with Raven symbolism. And unlike Familiars, animal totems don’t need to be present, just represented.

BUT, that doesn’t mean your Spiritual Animal Guide, your Animal Totem, and your Familiar can’t be the same!

Who’s your familiar? How do they help you cast magick spells?